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Specialty Brand - Só Luxury

Here at Memphis + Willow we love to support small businesses, especially Australian! All our regular products are sourced from businesses located somewhere in Australia.

But we also understand that there are amazing products outside of our beautiful country that you would love to get your hands on.

So every so often we will make a special order from a business outside of Australia just for you.

If you show that you love the products from these specilaty brands then we will keep them in regular stock, it's that simple.

We've had Só Luxury for a while now and you guys have shown us how much you have loved their products so we're adding some new items to our stock!

We have a new scent to add to our body oil collection called 'Island Coconut', we've also added Magnesium Oil and this beautiful new product called Coco Cream Soak (which is perfect for those allergic to oats/gluten).

We have restocked all of our original Só Luxury products that you know and love as well.

We are super excited to be adding these beauiful products to our Só Luxury range and can't wait for you to try them!


NEW Chekoh Wraps

They're here! New Chekoh Wraps are now available.

The perfect basic for any print or colour outfit. Summer cool and Winter warmth, great for every season. 

Made from Chekoh's exclusive, in-house bamboo/spandex fabric blend.

Completely adjustable for a comfortable fit for any size - our exclusive fabric will mould perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby.

Safe wear from birth (3kgs) up to 8-10kgs.

Proudly Certified Hip Healthy by the IHDI - the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Happy Shopping!

Shopping From Small Businesses

Here at Memphis + Willow we want to thank you for shopping small!

Shopping from small businesses means you're buying directly from a small team, a lot of the time it’s one or two people. This means every purchase is seen, appreciated and packed by these same people. 

All the profits made from each sale go back into helping the business grow which in turn helps you have more products to choose from.

I'm super grateful for all of you beautiful people. So from me to you, THANK YOU!

- Holly x